Excerpts From
The Notes of
George Frederick Naylor (1814 - 1887)

(With Additional Notes by Other Naylors)
Transcribed by Roberta M. O'Brien

In the early 1840's my gr-gr-grand uncle George Frederick Naylor began poking around in old cemeteries and interviewing his relatives about their ancestors. This sudden interest in family history seems to have been stimulated by the death of his uncle Martin Joseph Naylor in Wakefield in 1843. George Frederick kept a record of his investigations in a notebook. In about 1970 my mother came back from England with a xerox copy which I am using for this transcription. I recently discovered (2004) that the original notebook has disappeared.

Part One

[NOTE: It appears that George Frederick Naylor sat down one day to dash off his family history. This part contains a lot of scratching-outs, questions and notes to himself. Sometime after this, he realized that he had to do some research. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any statements made in these notes.]

[No date, c1843-4?]
My grandmother Naylor's maiden name was Craven: she was the daughter (the youngest) of a person of that name who lived at Dewsbury Moor on the property which now or lately belonged to Jonathan Greenwood, Surgeon, called Raven's Lodge. The Greenwoods bought it of the Hawksworths (his name was John Greenwood?) The latter part of his life my grandfather lived at Dewsbury Moor at the (place/house/property) at which my uncle Ed. Wilby lived afterwards.

Thomas Naylor (my grandfather's father) bought the property I now hold, of a person at Mirfield: - it was a third: of which the two other thirds are now in the possession of James Wilman, son of Isaac Wilman, (this lies next to mine) and of Francis Machill, [?] whose fields lie adjacent to Isaac Wilman's. The ground on the opposite side of the road to my house, and which some years ago was occupied by [Samuel?] Armitage, a cloth Presser, and who died of Delerium Tremens about the year 1837. was bought (of the same person at Mirfireld?) by a [Wm? ?arell?].

Hannah Naylor married Henry Klinesmith, a native of Upper Saxony? and a Moravian minister. She died at Ayr in Scotland , where they were living. He is also dead, died at Ayr, 2 or 3 years after.

Henry Klinesmith had a brother in Greenland. Emmanuel [?] Klinesmith is the son of this one. E.K. is now in Silesia, a Moravian Clergyman.

My uncle Wilby came from Hartishead.
Tradition of Eccleshill

My grandfather Ab. Naylor was a Cloth Manufacturer at Batley Carr, he was born at Batley Carr, the son of Thomas Naylor, as appears above. He was remarkably agile and strong when a young man, having ran a mile in 5 minutes, and leaped nearly 7 yards, the latter feat brought on hernia of which in old age, he died, it becoming strangulated.. The education he gave his sons Martin and George, he considered sufficient fortune for them: to the daughters he left 300-400 [pounds] each. Batley Carr and Dewsbury Moor (houses at) were his.

My Uncle Naylor use to relate the great leap of his Father to me, in the following manner: "At the time of Dewsbury [fair/feasting?] there was a leaping match at Batley Carr: the ground is now the situation of the [Fester?] field of James Ellis [& Sons?] manufacturers, on the upperside of the mill premises, and in front of the house in which he J.E. lives.

The best leaper having leaped, from a slight rise of the ground, my grandfather said he could best that. This was thought mere boast and opposition by those around him, so, to verify his word, he made a leap, and distanced the preceding one greatly; he leaped between 6 and 7 yards, or 7 yards nearly, on ground nearly level. He was then 18 years old: this feat produced a hernia of which he died at the age of 74 in the year 1804. The leap was consequently in the year 1748.

My cousin Martin E. Naylor when in Edinburgh, went over to Ayr to see Uncle Klinesmith : Aunt I think was dead: Martin has told me that the figure of the Clergyman in (Parker's) Baptism of the Covenanters (?) - is an actual portrait of my uncle Henry Klinesmith, and that he sat to the artist when engaged on the picture.

About the year 1818 or 1819, H. Klinesmith and my Aunt resided at the Moravian [station?] at Wellhouse near Mirfield: - I can just remember being on a visit to them and staying some days. I think the house adjoined the Chapel: I frequently took hold of my uncles finger, followed him into the Chapel, when he sat down to the organ of which he was very fond, and played. J.F.N.

My uncle (M.J.N.) has heard his father Ab. Naylor say that his Grandfather came from East Ardsley: perhaps he was a descendant from the "Prophet", or from some of his brothers.

Thomas Naylor had a brother Abraham, a brother Christopher, and a cousin Thomas.

My uncle's grandfather's (Naylor Craven) wife's name was Senior: another Senior married John Oldroyd, consequently my great grandfather Craven was brother in law to this Oldroyd, he and Oldroyd having married sisters. My uncles grandmother was own sister to Oldroyd's wife (to Oldroyd's wife?): he had a one horse chaise.

This greatgrandfather Craven lived to the age of 96 years, and then met with an accident: moving with greater activity than he ought to have done, tho he was very clever for his age, he slipped and fell, and received a compound fracture of the leg, of which he died.

My uncle M.J.N. was born in the house where his Grandfather Craven and his grandfather's father were born, called Cravens.

My great grandfather Craven had 2 sons, who died young, and are buried at Fulneck. Their names were Joseph and John, or Joseph & Thomas, my uncle does not precisely recollect which: the former was the younger: from him my uncle M.J.N. had the name of Joseph: and my uncles grandmother Naylor would also have him called Martin, for he was born on the 11th November 1764 - St. Martin's day. (I have been told by others that my uncle was a 7 mo child.)

My great grandfather Craven's tomb is at Fulneck, but the three preceeding are at Dewsbury. R.Craven, the first, died about the age of 80 years, and was buried about the commencement of the 17th century.

My Grandfather Abraham Naylor's children were M.J. Naylor, 1st born - 1764. George Naylor born These were his only sons. The daughters were Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, and another, Mary.

The last one, whose name was Mary, married Edward Wilby of Dewsbury Moor - she died from taking an overdose of medicine containing opium given thro carelessness of my fathers apprentice Henry Wilby. The family of this marriage were Edward, the only son: - died childless and young, Sarah, Anne, Elizabeth and Jane. Anne married her cousin William Wilby - she is dead. Sarah married her sisters husbands brother Joseph Wilby & has a numerous family at Batley Carr.

My aunt Wilby I have not any recollection of whatever:- She died some years before my uncle Wilby: he died in 1819: [sic] I frequently used to go to Dewsbury Moor, with my sisters H.& M. to play with our cousin Wilby: he was fond of me and used to take me to the fields and workshops (all but given up) - When labouring under the illness which terminated his life, his breathing was very loud: I was then at the house: I may almost say I was alarmed at this: - He was a strong headed, reflecting man, and used to sit, with his head thrown back and his eyes shut, when thinking: he made and subsequently lost much money by the Americans.

My uncle had a dog named Carlow, a spaniel sort of dog: - once I went with Edward (jun'r) - and we had him swimming in the back at the bottom of the fields. I was very fond of Carlow: - he was black with some white.

[Following this is a sketchy family tree and some miscellaneous notes]

T. Naylor, who died 1779 bought the place at Batley Car now my property, occupied by W. Rhodes, Surgeon.

[the house once called Cravens is now called Ravens Lodge]

[the children of George Naylor. Deaths added later by someone else are in italics]

My Father's Children 
Hannah Elizabeth	Born	6 May 1810.-		24 Jany 1892
Mary Georgiana		16 Sept: 1812.-	6 Oct.-1899
George Frederick		21 Dec: 1814.-
Sarah Arthur		21 Jan: 1819.-		39 Dec. 1903
Joseph Ulysses		16 August 1820.	died 26 Nov. 1893
Joshua Taite		29 Sep: 1825		26, Sep 1882
Lucy Ann			28 Nov: 1827
Jane Maria			18 Feb: 1830 - 		Died 15 Feb: 1831

Part Two

Tuesday 4 Feb: 1845

Visited Dewsbury Churchyard. There are 4 tombs, Naylors, in a line with the alter end of the Church, but out some distance from it, on the south side. the most southern is that of my Father G.N. I have copied that of my Father, - and the next, where were interred my Mother, Grandfather, and my youngest Sister. About 1 1/2 yards from the east end of these tombs are two flat stones, ornamented, to Cravens, - one of whom was Thomas, and who died in 1683 - which date is on the tombstone.

My Father's inscription is -

"Sacred to the Memory of George Naylor, of Batley Car, Surgeon, who died March 30 1834, aged 57 years.
"To extraordinary skill in his profession, he added unusual stores of general knowledge. These he freely opened for the benefit of those around him; to do good being the greatest object of his ambition."


2nd Tomb. (Northside of the above)

"In memory of Anne Taite the wife of George Naylor of Batley Car who died June 27 1822 aged 35 years.
"Also of Elizabeth Beckitt her Mother who died July 2 1822 aged 67 years.
"Also of Jane Maria daughter of the abovesaid George Naylor: She was born Feb:18 1830 and died Feb: 15 1831."

The next tomb is to the memory of Abraham Naylor who died in 1804, aged 74 years. - and the most northern is to Thomas naylor who died 1779, and to others: - I intend to copy these, at some time, and also Cravens: - not far off are Senior's Tombs, which I also intend to copy.

I believe the epitaph on my Father's tomb was by my Uncle M.J.N.

On Thursday the 1st of May 1845

- in walking over to Leeds I diverged from the road to visit Ardsley Church yard.
There are still some Naylor's living at Ardsley, as I learnt from the Sexton: one pew near the centre of the Ch: being occupied by "Old Billy" as he called him, and on the door of the pew the letters G.N. were cut.

After examining the Churchyard closely, I only found two tombstones of Naylors- (the prevailing names were Wilks, Whittaker, Casson, Mitchell, and one or two more)

The older of these stones is immediately before the window in the middle of the south front of the church, which window is pointed at the top: its [records?] are of the last century, commencing early in that period: but the figures have only been lightly cut, and the stone is so thickly covered with mould, that I could not decipher it in the short time I stayed: the whole face of the stone is occupied.

The other stone is a few yards from the west end of the Church, near the boundary wall of the yard: it is of recent times, well cut, and in good repair.-
I intend to [procure?] copies of each of these, particularly the former, and may some time see some of the living residents of the village.

(James Nailor died at Holme near Huntingdon, in Nov: 1660.- The Ardsley Register commences 1662: see [Scatchords Morley???] - p208. see the book - a manuscript mentioned: he was tried in the House of Commons 1656
See Hate Trials - Buruck's [?] Diary, and J.N. writings &c &c &c.)

On Tuesday May 27, 1845

I went by train to Bighouse- walked thence to Gliffon, Hartishead, NunBrook, Mirfield, Hopton, Whitley, Thornhill, Thorburg Bridge, when I took the train to Wakefield- left by train at 11.20 Am, reached home by train 6.50 Pm.

I examined Hartishead Church yard minutely on the South side and cursorily on the North. There is an immense Yew Tree, three or four feet in diameter on the southern side.

A little to the east of this tree there is a stone with the face divided in two halves, downwards, on one part of this stone there is an inscription to the Memory of Joshua Wilby, who died in 1790, aged 56.

On another stone, there is an Inscription to the Memory of Jonathon Wilby, who died 1805-aged 82.

On another stone, George, son of Henry Wilby, died 1794, aged 9 years: (and also the following)

"Also the above Henry, died 24 March 1834 aged 82
Also Christina his wife, died 9 March 1836 aged 79.
They were married at this place of worship A.D.1778"

Of the two following tombs, that of Ed: junior is adjacent to the road[?] on the east side of the Churchyard, and that of Ed: senior is at the west end of Ed: junior: verbatum,

"Beneath this Tomb are interred the remains of 
Mary Wife of Edward Wilby of Dewsbury Moor
who died Dec: 4th 1812 aged 40 years.

Also their children.
Jonathon died April 29th 1801, aged 7 months
George died Sep: 2nd 1802, aged 5 years
Mary died Feb 20th 1804, aged 2 years
Richard Samuel Sep: 23rd 1813, aged 11 months

Also of the above mentioned Edward Wilby 
who departed this life Aug: 29th 1820, 
in the 58th year of his Age.

In memory of Phoebe Senior Wilby
Daughter of the above-named Edward and Mary Wilby 
who departed this life at Oporto in the Kingdom of Portugal 
on the 8th day of May 1823 in the 18th year of her age 
and whose remains are interred No. 73 in the British Burying Ground 
of that City.

In memory of Edward Son of Edward and Mary Wilby of Dewsbury Moor 
who departed this life the 16th day of June 1829 aged 25 years.

Also Anne Daughter of the above Edward and Mary Wilby and wife of William
Wilby of Oporto, Merchant, who departed this life on the 1st day of Jan 1832
aged 36 years leaving behind her husband and two children Henry Edward and
Lavinia Ann to lament their loss."

July 2, 1845

In conversation with Mrs. Sarah, wife of Joseph Wilby at my uncle Hirst's last night, I learnt that-
Jonathon and Joshua were brothers.
she thinks there are no descendants of Joshua now living.
Jonathon had sons Henry, Edward, and another whose name I do not know.

Henry, who died March 1834, aged 82 years, had seven sons and one daughter. That daughter married Thomas Chaster, and thus the alliance of those families. Thomas Chaster died very suddenly. (11 Nov: 1826, aged 45 years.)

Edward the brother of Henry married my Father's Sister, Mary and thus their alliance with us.

Joseph Wilby is Son of Henry: "Martha Wife of Jos'h Wilby who died in 1815" was his first wife (no issue) Mrs. Sarah Wilby, his present wife, is his Cousin being the daughter of the late Edward Wilby senior: she is consequently my cousin.

Elizabeth (married to Mr. Rawes) and Jane Wilby, not married, both now in Portugal, are her sisters, and complete the family of Mr. Edward Wilby, senior.

George, Richard, Edward, sons- now dead
Mary, Phoebe, Ann, daughters- now dead
Sarah Wilby, Jane Wilby, Elizabeth Rawes, now living

Jos'h & Sarah Wilby's family is numerous

Joshua Wilby, Hartishead, at whose house my Aunt Eliz'h Naylor died in 1838, is son of Henry Wilby, and brother of this Joseph.

Wednesday July 2 1845 [Dewsbury Churchyard]

Copied the following
Third tomb, next to my Mothers.

"Here lie the Remains of Mary the wife of Abraham Naylor
of Dewsbury Moor who departed this life on the 23rd Day of
May 1798 in the 63rd year of her Age.
"Also of the abovesaid Abraham Naylor who died on the 28th Day of May 1804 in the 74th year of his Age.
"Also of Elizabeth Naylor Daughter of the above who departed this life on the 1st Day of January 1838 aged 68 years.


Fourth Tomb, next to Abraham Naylor's.

"Here lieth the Body of Hannah the Daughter of Thomas Naylor of Batley Carr who departed this life the 21st day of June 1761 in the 18th year of her Age.
"Reader that seest that Hannah lived not long
-In years though tender yet her Faith was strong
-With this her Shield and Christ her Staff and Ro-d
-Fearless thro Death she winged her way to God
-Short useful life which may such lesson give
-As teach us how to die and how to live.

"Here also was Interred the Body of the abovesaid Thomas Naylor
who departed this Life the 14th Day of March 1779
in the 83rd Year of his Age
"Near this place also was Interred the Body of Elizabeth
the wife of the abovesaid Thomas Naylor who departed this
Life the 1st Day of December 1783 in the 78th year of her Age.



Just to the North of my G.G.Father Thomas Naylor's tomb is one to the wife of Kester Dixon, and subsequently himself, there interred.
And to the North of it, and within a few yards of T.N's tomb is the following.

"Here lieth the Body of Benjamin the Son of John Naylor
of this Town who departed this Life the 2nd Day of August
1733 in the 9th year of his Age.
"Also John Naylor Father of the abovesaid who died
December the 13th 1755 aged 77 years
"Likewise Sarah Wife of the abovesaid John Naylor
who died May 20th 1765 aged 78 years


Next North to this, one to John Naylor of Chickenley Yeoman who died 1 July 1776 in the 67th year of his Age.
"A husband good, a Friend most dear,
-A tender Parent lieth here.
"Here also lieth interred the Body of Love the wife of
the abovesaid John Naylor of Chickenley who departed
this life the 23rd Day of February 1791 aged 78 years.



About 20 yards from the south side of the Chancel, and as much East of my G.G.Father Thomas Naylor's tomb above described, is the following.

"Here lieth the Body of Joshua Brook of Batley Carr Head. He departed this life August 20 [29?] 1769 in the 34th year of his Age.
"Near this place also was interred the Body of Mary, wife
of Thomas Naylor of Batley Car, and sister of the above
Joshua Brook who died the 27th August 1770 in the 34th
Year of her Age.

"Near this place also was interred Mary Daughter of the abovesaid
Mary who departed this Life the 3rd Day of February 1774
in the 8th year of her age.

"Here also lieth the body of the above Thomas Naylor
who died the 20th Day of May 1806 aged 73 years.
"Stay reader. Stand and drop a tear
-Upon the dust that slumbers here.
-And whilst thou readest the fate of me
-Think on the glass that runs for thee.
"Here also lieth the Body of Thomas Naylor of Batley
Car Son of the abovesaid Thomas Naylor who departed this
Life Feb 28th 1824 aged 60 years.


Part Three

27 Jan: 1846

A short distance from the head[?] of the tomb to Joshua Brook &c, I found the following-

"Here lieth the body of James Naylor of Ossett Street Side who departed this Life the 9th day of March 1761 in the 51 year of his Age.
"Also on the North side of this tomb was interred the Body of Susanne the Wife of the abovesaid James, who died January 31 1798 aged 93 years.
"Here also lieth the Body of Thomas Naylor Son of the above James Naylor who died July 22[?] 1803 aged 66 years.
"Sharp was the stroke that took my life
-It was bad news unto my wife
-I longed for my wife to see
-But died before she came to me

"Here also lieth the Body of Ruth the wife of Thomas Naylor who died July 26 1812 aged 72 years.
"Why do ye mourn departing friends
-[To?] shake at deaths alarms,
-Tis but the Voice that Jesus sends
-To call them to his arms


Adjacent to the above, on its North side, is the following:

"Here lieth the Body of Hannah, Wife of J. Redfearn and Daughter of Thomas Naylor late of Ossett Street Side who departed this life the 1st day of June A.D. 1833 aged 72 years.
"This on the Saviour's bosom laid
-She feels no sorrow there
-And began Heavenly [Parent fed?]
-The needs no more your care.


"Also James Naylor Son of the above Thomas who departed
this life December 30, 1834 aged 72 years.
"Here softly sleeps beneath this stone
-Naylor's remains, whose Light[?] was gone
-He saught his God, obtained his grace
-And now he sees him Face to Face.



On the North East and very near to Gt Grandfather Thomas Naylor's tomb are the Cravens. - They are two flat stones, alongside: narrow, the words printed in capitals, and a narrow line marking off a broad border all round: in the middle of the slabs are flourishes, separating the figures of the date of death.
The inscriptions are as follows - First-

"Here lyeth the Body of Thomas Craven of Dews-
Bury Moor Side who departed this life the 26th Day
of January in the year of our Lord God aged 87
[1683][a "flourish" between the 16 and the 83 and T-C]

"Here also lieth the Body of Robert Craven the Elder
departed this Life the 21st day of March Anno Dom:1703

(The letters which originally succeeded have been removed, the face of the stone cut down, and, in modern letters, (capitals & smalls) the following engraved.)
"here also was interred Lydia Craven the wife of
Robert Craven of Dewsbury Moor. She departed this
Life the 27th Day of March 1791 aged 89 years.


The last inscription to Lydia extends from side to side of the stone.

The second stone lies adjacent to the above, to the North of it, and is engraved as follows:
"Here lyeth the Body of Robert Craven of Dewsbury
Moor Side >Junior [inserted?] who departed this Life the 18th Day of December
1699 aged 38 years.
[a "flourish" between R-C]
"Here lieth the Body of Benjamin Senior who departed
this life the 7th Day of June 1760 in the 48th year of his
Age. Also the Body
"of Robert Craven of Dewsbury Moor who died the 17
Day of January 1782 aged 83 years.


The erratum, and the irregularity, are on the tomb.


There are four tombs, between ours and the Church vestry in a row: the first going northwards is to Whitley -the second to Joseph Senior, the third and fourth are Whitley's-
Senior is as follows.
"Here lieth interred the Body of Mary, wife of Joseph Senior of
DawGreen who departed this Life Dec: 23-1784 aged 73 years.
"Also of the abovesaid Joseph Senior who died the 1st day of
March 1802 in the 92 year of his age.
"Also near this place lieth the body of Pheobe Senior, Daughter
of the abovesaid Joseph Senior who departed this life the 28 day of Sep-
tember 1807 aged 68 years.
"Also the mortal remains of Mary Relict of Mr Robt Duffin
late of Hemsworth Lane Ends, and Daughter of the above Joseph Senior,
waiting that awful summons which shall call her from the dead,
to go forth and meet her God. her real worth will then be made
known. She departed this life the 13th day of June 1821 aged
75 years.


27 Jan: 1846.

"Sacred to the memory of Job Hirst of Batley Carr who departed
this Life Nov: 17. 1819 in the 60th year of his Age.
"Oft have I heard of the Almighty's Power,
But never saw thee till this dreadful hour;
Or'whelmed with shame the lord of Life I see
Abhor myself and give my Soul to Thee.


3.6 [page may be in wrong order, seems to come before or after 2.3]
Visited Dewsbury Churchyard-27 Jan: 1846

A little to the northeast? of my Grandfathers tombs is the fol-
"In memory of Thomas Chaster of [Henadiffes Hall???]who died
Nov:11, 1826 aged 45 years.
"Also of Mary the wife of Thomas Chaster who departed this
life Dec:28, 1832 aged 53 years.

Immediately to the North, is the following,

"Here lieth the body of Hannah the wife of George Chaster of
DawGreen, who departed this lifethe 22nd day of June
1770 aged 50 years.
"Here also lieth Sarah the daughter of Thomas Chaster
who died April 11, 1778, in the 5th year of her age.
"Also of Mary the wife of Thomas Chaster who departed
this life Nov:19, 1811, aged 60 years.
"Here also was interred the abovesaid Thomas Chaster
who departed this life on the 7th Day of January 1815 aged
67 years.
"Also in memory of Dorothy, Daughter of the abovesaid
Thomas & Mary Chaster who died October 30, 1829, aged 46 years.


Mary, the wife of Thomas Chaster, who died, as above-Dec:28, 1832,
age 53 years, was the Daughter of Henry Wilby

page 3.7

Uncle Rhodes died on 31st Dec: 1844 at 6:Am.
Was up the day before, and walked to bed at night:
he had almost lost all his faculties, and scaresly
knew those around him. Had he lived until the
22 Mar:/1845 he would have been 88 years old.


27 Feb: 1846. Friday

Visited W.R of E.E. [William Rhodes of Earls Heaton?]

Informs me, that his Father, my late Uncle, heard[?] to say
that his family had lived at E.Eaton, on [?] the Bank
Top, near 200 years.
WR's Great Grandfather lived in the neighbourhood:
had 7 or 8 sons- one went to Horbury, and then[?] to Potovens[?].
another to Langdale End near Scarboro. etc-
W.R's Grandfather, called Richard, lived at E.E.
probably only 40 or 50 at death, as he died young: he had
4 or 5 sons and one Daughter, of the name of Ann.
W.R's Father - (my Uncle Rhodes) - by his first wife,

In the Churchyard, Dewsbury-

"In memory of Sarah Wife of Sam'l Rhodes of Chickenley who
died April 6th 1801 aged 44 years.
"Also fourteen of their children, who died infants.
"Also of two children by the second wife of the said Sam'l Rhodes
now of Earles Heaton,
"Mary who died on the 21st of Sep: aged 5 years and 8 months.
"And Samuel on the 4th of October aged 7 years, both in 1810.
"Also of Sarah his second wife who died on the 26th day of
October 1837 Aged 70 years.
"Also of Samuel Rhodes of Earles Heaton formerly of Chickenley
who died Dec:31st, 1844 aged 87 years."


page 3.8 [an envelope addressed to]
C C Corjellis? Mm Dn?
of the Asylum

page 3.9
Communicated by Martin. Feb: 1846

John-and Jeremiah-Brothers.

John's Children
Todd's children- he lived at [St John's?]
until about the time of the failure in 1825 or there-
about: afterwards went to Liverpool. Left many
William m. Miss Brook from near Rotherham
Lived first in Wakefield then after near Liverpool.
Wm. Brook- (Wm Brook Naylor died at Vancouver Island a few years ago leaving an infant son)
And a [Daughter?]who died young.

Jeremiah's Children
& several others: ???[over edge of page]
All went abroad, ???[over edge of page]
France, America ???[over edge of page]


[several pages of misc. notes, lists of birth, death dates etc. as before]

page 3.12
Newspaper clipping, Obituary of Martin Joseph Naylor dated November 24, 1843, by T.J.

page 3.13
Newspaper clipping, Memorial of Martin Joseph Naylor dated November 27, 1843, by H.

page 3.15
July 31, 1857 [?]

[NOTE: I have been able to confirm through the National Burial Index that these tombstones are located at All Saints, Bramham, Yorks. RMO]

Jos'h Taite obit 15 June 1829 age 69
Elizabeth Blackshaw 21 Jan. 1840 - 70
??'m [William?] May 24-1825 - age 68
Samuel Taite Sep.19-1821 - 68
Ann wife of Jos'h Taite July 10-1793 - 66
Jos'h Taite - June 27. 1798 - 75
Ann wife of John Clarke. d'h of Jos'h & Ann Taite
died 4 July 1778 aged 31 years
Betty wife of John Clarke, d'h of Richard &
Dorothy Vavasour of Rothwell. d. Sep 3 [or 5?] 1803. 34
John Clarke of Boston, late of Wakefield -
d. Feb. 19. 1823 - age 61 years.

page 3.16a [on back of page, facing 3.15]
Inlaids on the back of the old Chair we had at Batley Carr - Now at Wakefield, being
given to the Freemasons, by Uncle or Martin.
[a rough sketch]


[faint sketch of an emblem with fleur-de-lis]

page 3.17
2 Sep, 1864

Copied from a memorandum by Joshua (when a schoolboy) of the Inscriptions on the tombstones of the Beckitts, in the Batley Churchyard

Here lieth the body of Joshua Beckitt of Batley Carr who departed
this life the 14th day of February 1736 in the 77th year of his age.
Also Martha wife of the abovesaid Joshua Beckitt who died
the 12th day of July 1734 in the 64th year of her age.
Also Joshua son of the abovesaid Joshua Beckitt who died
the 3rd day of May 1744 aged 48 years.
Also Joshua son of James Beckitt who died the 25th day
of April in the 2nd year of his age. A.D. 1739.
Also here lieth the body of James father of the abovesaid Joshua
Beckitt who died August the 17th 1762 aged 52 years.
Here was interred the body of James Beckitt of Batley Carr
[Yeoman?] who died the 12th day of December 1769 in the
3oth day (year?) of his age.
Near this place also was interred the body of Mary mother
of the abovesaid James who departed this life the 29th day of
December 1775 in the 72nd year of her age.

Transcribed by Roberta M. O'Brien, © 1999-2004